NEW Magnetic Faux Leather Cell Phone Pouch



We are excited to introduce our new SPERO Cell Phone Pouch! We have created a phone pouch with a new look and a magnetic closure to combat new technology and the increasing strength of EMF radiation!
New Features:
Magnetic closure that has been adapted to smaller waves of EMF and newer technology such as 5G.
More durable material!

2 Layers of Silver to combat ever increasing RF Radiation levels. Ideal for iPhones and new phones.

Fits Iphone XS Max with case and smaller. Lined with 100% Silver

  • Available in Black only
  • Anti EMF, Anti Tracing
  • Lined with 100% silver fabric which creates a “faraday cage” around your phone.
  • Stops EMF radiation by eliminating Phone Signal, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS. Anti-tracking
  • Convenient design and size, easy to use.

Reduce your exposure to EMR / RF / EMF.  Cumulative radiation exposure may cause infertility, birth defects, sleep issues, depression, heart problems, fatigue, brain fog, cancer.

WASHING & HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: All Spero products use silver fabric which acts as a faraday cage. The silver fabric must be delicately handled if washed. Wash by hand with distilled water and SPERO Silver Fabric Detergent, or a gentle natural soap. Tap water or well water will ruin this fabric as chemicals in the water such as chlorine, sulfur and fluoride are corrosive to silver. Hang dry.