Spero Maternity Silver Belly Band



The elastic black and silver fabric, maternity belly band by Spero, offers protection of the belly during pregnancy. The support also helps with stretch marks. The silver is in the front half of the belly band in order to offer EMF radiation protection for the pregnant belly. Protection of developing infants is a primary mission objective of Spero Protection Clothing.

  • RF/EMI/EMF/LF Blocking, Earthing/Grounding Fabric Anti-radiation/radiowave/microwave Shielding Electromagnetic Fabric.
  • Soft Material Silver coated Nylon Fabric. Highly Electrically Protective Silver/Nylon Fabric Very Soft and Washable. Hands Washable in clean Cold or Warm Water with a Neutral Detergent.

  • 🌱COVER AND PROTECT YOUR CHILD: This shielding Belly Band is well designed to protect the developing fetus from radio frequency radiation, wireless internet routers, cellular towers, cellular phones and more.
  • 🌱HIGH SHIELDING EFFICIENCY: The Snug silver protects from the accumulative absorbing Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • 🌱ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Designed to stretch and support, the belly band will fit your growing belly.
  • 🌱LIVE MORE, WORRY LESS: Our radiation protection will help to eliminate the anxiety about everyday radiation and the dangers that come with it. Feel confident that you are helping to protect yourself  and your growing child from the harmful radiation surrounding us.