New 5G Blocking Faraday Phone Bag , 3 layers, Black/Grey




This is our newest innovation in response to the recent increase in radiation from 5G capable phones and especially iPhones in major cities.  The mesh 5G system, especially through Verizon telecom provider in the U.S and in conjunction with iPhones, has increased its bandwidth to emit exponentially higher radiation than the past. As a company aiming to protect and educate you, we highly advise considering a non-5G phone and to do research to understand what is in your pocket! Samsung’s and older smartphones will emit much less radiation, while newer phones and especially the iPhones which can operate on the Verizon high-band 5G network are becoming the most pervasive and are emitting much more radiation than what we have been previously exposed to!  Knowledge and lifestyle adjustments can result in a much healthier existence. 

If you do require or want the most protection available, the 3 layer phone bag will be the best option we can provide.  In order to provide the highest level of protection, this model of the SPERO anti-EMF / anti-tracking phone bag is unique in that it sandwiches a layer of copper fabric between the 2 layers of Silver, which has been the best way we have found to completely eliminate the 5G signal from your phone. Available in just the one color, charcoal grey black to start. 

Please understand that 5G is not like its predecessors of 4G, 3G etc. in that your phone is now a repeater of signal in order to propagate the smaller denser carrier wave short distances.  Essentially a 5G capable device is a node in the mesh grid of the 5G infrastructure, which means the phone is now a small cell tower.  Grasping this is essential in protecting yourself from your smart technology.