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About Non-Ionizing Radiation

The radiation from cell towers, smart meters, cell phones, tablets, wi-fi routers and even bluetooth is known as non-ionizing (not heating) radiation, though just because you can’t feel heat does not mean it is not harmful. Actually, cumulative impacts of non-ionizing radiation have been researched and results showing causation of negative health impacts are conclusive.

Not sure what to think? I encourage you to do your own research to easily reveal a shocking amount of indisputable information showing the harms of cumulative non- ionizing radiation.

What is EMF and why should I care?

EMF is an acronym that stands for Electromagnetic Fields. The EMF is a name given to RF (Radio Frequency) waves that carry data, such as wi-fi, blue tooth and cell phones. The EMF actually confuses our bodies, making us think we are in bright daylight, throwing off our biological clock and important functions it has. Also EMF is a form of radiation called non-ionizing radiation.

Our bodies accumulate this radiation and slowly but surely symptoms arise.

Electric & Magnetic Fields (EMFs)

An electromagnetic field, or EMF for short, is an invisible area of energy or radiation that is associated with the use of electrical power. This radiation is grouped into two categories based on their frequency across the electromagnetic spectrum.

These categories are Non-Ionizing and Ionizing.

Non-Ionizing radiation occurs on the lower end of the spectrum where there is insufficient energy to cause ionization. This radiation does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms or molecules of materials such as air, water, or living tissue.

Ionizing radiation is a form of energy on the higher end of the spectrum and acts by removing electrons from atoms and molecules such as air, water or living tissue. This radiation can penetrate the human body and the radiation energy can be absorbed in our tissue.

RMF Electromagnetic radiation spectrum with examples

The dividing line between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation occurs in the ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum as we move from lower energy into higher energy frequencies.

Frequencies are the rate in which a wave completes its cycle. Higher energy frequencies are moving very rapidly and completing their cycle quickly where as lower energy frequencies are spread out across longer waves.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Meter RMF blocking

What is Frequency?

Frequency is something we don’t learn much about in our history books. Had we learned about names like Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife in grade school, I presume we would know much more about harmful and beneficial frequencies. Even the 432 Hertz versus 440 Hertz debate in tuning musical “A” opens up the discussion for Solfeggio frequencies and extensive research going back centuries. Especially fascinating are the discoveries of frequency exploration and the human body. Such as binaural beats or 532 Hertz meditation music and especially knowledge of the Circadian Rythm and Schumann’s Resonance.

Hertz, named after Heinrich Hertz is a measurement of how many waves will pass a given point per second. For instance, the Hertz of the frequency wave of the earth, the heartbeat vibration emitted from the earth, is 7.83 Hertz, meaning in 1 second 7.83 waves go by per second.

Invisible radio waves , like light but invisible to the limited visual spectrum where our eyes absorb light. Just like how infrared light is invisible to the human eye, as are other light waves just in different wave length size. For instance, light waves that are red have certain properties to be visually perceived as red, if the light wave however was slightly larger in size (wave length) the color changes to infrared and then becomes invisible to the human eye but it is still present. If the wave length is shortened from red, it becomes orange and then yellow, still within our visual spectrum. Another example is Ultra Violet light from the sun, it is invisible but slightly larger than UV lightwaves are violet, indigo, blue, all colors of light we can see with our eyes.

RMF Blocking Frequency

What is non-ionizing radiation?

Radiation was once identified as only that radiation which heats, known as ionizing radiation. Ionizing, because it actually strips electrons from ions, making them volatile and thus causing a thermal reaction, for example a microwave oven.

Non-ionizing radiation was first identified as harmful after the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl, Russia. Following the nuclear reactor leak subsequent impacts on surrounding life such as mutations of plants, animals and humans, the scientific community concluded that non thermal radiation is not only cumulative but harmful. At this time the EPA was relieved of their duty to monitor radiation levels from cellular and wireless technology. Instead, the FCC was given full authority to monitor health impacts and set safety standards in the United States regarding non-ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation includes radio frequency radiation and EMF radiation from cell phones.

Various studies, including : Released October 4, 1971 by the Naval Medical Research Institute, all culmination of 2,311 studies concluded Biological phenomena (effect) and clinical manifestation attributed to microwave and RF radiation.

Grounding and The Schumann’s Resonance

The human body is an electrical system and when working with currents of electricity, grounding the energy becomes necessary to allow energy to flow naturally. As we surround ourselves with dirty electricity from wall outlets and power lines and even EMF, we build up electricity and positive ions in our bodies which naturally want to simply flow into the earth. Imagine our physical bodes are metal wires conducting electricity, and the energy wants to be continuous, but upon hitting our rubber soles on our shoes, the energy is forced to circled in our body, (our circuit). The electric energy can get built up and even cause physical harm the electricity builds and has nowhere to go. But upon removing our shoes and establishing a connection to the earth we ground our energy into the earth, releasing the built up energy and allowing for a free flow of electricity if there happens to be stray electricity flowing into us.

Our clocks are also reset.
The heartbeat of the earth was first discovered by Schumann …

Grounding and the Schumann Resonance

What is a Circadian Rhythm?

Simply put it is our biological frequency, tuned to the heartbeat of the earth. Extremely important as our Circadian Rhythm directly impacts when and if we release certain internal chemicals and hormones throughout the day. If disrupted depression, fatigue, insomnia and many other issues can result.

The hat can help protect our frequencies.

Circadian Rhythm
EMF blocking for melatonin production

Our Mind

Our brains are easily effected by frequencies. For example, listening to a type of music called “binaural beats” with headphones can induce any desired brainwave state. The ideal brainwave state is Theta therefore binaural beats usually aim to induce a Theta brain wave state. An example of the susceptibility to frequencies of our brains.
How Binaural Beats Work
Human Brainwaves

What is 5G?

The next generation cell phone technology will be on a new bandwidth spectrum of radio waves and because it is the 5th generation it is referred to as 5G. The problem facing the 5G however is the size of the radio waves being used for the transfer of information. Radio frequency carrier waves for instance carry AM radio at nearly 1,000 feet in height and FM radio and about 10 feet in height. This unique and new radio frequency carrier wave is a millimeter in size, which is much smaller than our current technology and the smallest radio wave size ever utilized (less than the width of a penny which is 1.5 millimeters). In order to propagate this small wave, cell towers must be erected with an infrastructure which requires a small cell tower in every neighborhood. The technology has been noted as potentially harmful especially if you are the unlucky person or family who has a “Small Cell” (small cell phone tower) erected on your front yard sidewalk or lamppost. Proximity to these new cell towers is a growing concern and many independent and unbiased studies have raised much alarm concerning the technology. Nationwide deployment is expected in the year 2020 and human health impacts are anticipated by those informed on the research surrounding the issue.

What is a Smart Meter?

Older utility meters are called analog meters. The newer meters, which are digital, are known as Smart Meters. Different utility companies have different models of Smart Meters but all emit radiation in order to report your power usage. The Smart Meter uses microwaves to send your power data to a cell tower. Radiation level emission can be very high and protective measures such as opting out by calling your power company.

Is EMF / RF radiation dangerous?

Thousands of independent peer reviewed studies have shown EMF radiation to be hazardous to human health. It has been shown to cause depression by disruption of circadian rhythm. Cause cell bifurcation leading to tumors. Cause endocrine system disruption. The studies are plentiful if you look.

EMF and Children

The primary objective of SPERO Protection Clothing is to protect children and pregnant women from EMF Radiation. Children are much more susceptible to harm from microwave radiation, especially infants. In modern EMF levels, the developing brain of a child is very much in harms-way, if not protected.
Children absorb more microwave radiation

Want to limit your exposure to this non ionizing radiation?

Ditch the bluetooth. Opt out of your digital smart meter and go back to an analog meter. Turn your tablets, iPods, laptops and phones onto airplane mode when not in use. Unplug your video game consoles. Unplug your wi-fi router at night or better yet get a hard line internet corded option. Ditch the wireless baby monitor and also wireless home phones. Learn about risk mitigation protection products such as EMF/RF protective deflective paint and also Spero Protection Clothing options.


Get a blue light filter app for your phone, tablet and computer. Learn about blue light. Know your light bulbs and ditch the twirly bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and the LED bulbs – incandescent bulbs only. Get blackout curtains in your bedroom if LED street lamps (blue light) are nearby. Ditch the microwave. Limit exposure to cell towers. And finally, don’t hold your phone up to your head.

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