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A little care will go a long way with the Spero silver lined products. In order to maintain effective shielding please recognize that this is a very special product, literal silver armor to shield from EMF radiation.  To ensure the longevity of your silver lined Spero products, please know that silver cannot be washed like normal fabric.  To be on the safe side, please avoid washing your Spero gear with tap water or well water, it must be washed with distilled or reverse osmosis water and SPERO Silver Fabric Detergent, or a gentle citrus-free soap.  Chemicals found in tap water and well water such as Fluoride, Chlorine and Sulphur all corrode and tarnish Silver, making the silver fabric less conductive and therefore less protective.


Washing Instructions:


  • Water under 30 degrees Celsius / 86 Fahrenheit
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry with low heat or hang dry out of the sun.
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Hand wash
  • Use Clean Water (Distilled or Reverse Osmosis)



While we do not carry any EMF protection for animals at the moment, SPERO is a growing company and we are hoping to expand and protect your furry friends in the near future!

Short Answer: No.


If you are looking for Spero products designed to block cell phone signal, we recommend checking out our faraday cell phone pouches. These block all signal by closing completely around the cell phone, blocking EMF coming from the cell phone itself. Items such as our EMF Protective Baseball Caps or Beanies protect from ambient radiation and are designed to do so, but it is a misconception that the entire signal of the phone will be killed inside of the folded over hat. This is because your head is not the source of radiation and the hats are designed to protect from outside radiation sources, where the pouch is designed to protect from inside radiation sources.  Radiation source is the strongest at close distances and due to the inverse square law, the radiation drops significantly (exponentially) even after a couple centimeters.


Spero ships internationally! Shipping options are available at checkout, and we ship primarily priority mail, Shipping cost is flat rate, but can increase with large volume orders. All rates are in U.S Dollars

Countries we ship to:




Albania • Andorra • Armenia • Austria • Azerbaijan • Belarus • Belgium • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Czechia • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France • Georgia • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Italy • Kazakhstan • Kosovo • Latvia • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Moldova • Monaco • Montenegro • Netherlands • North Macedonia • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • San Marino • Serbia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • Ukraine

New Zealand

United Kingdom (UK)

England • Scotland • Wales • Northern Ireland

United States

We ship all our SPERO products within 1-3 days. While we can’t control the variables that affect delivery times, most of our domestic orders will be delivered in roughly a week and international orders in two weeks.


Yes, as long as your alarm is not dependent on signal/phone service or WiFi, it will work in the SPERO EMF Protective Cell Phone Pouch. For the basic alarm installed on Iphone and androids, your alarm will not be affected. However, if you have downloaded an alarm app and it is dependent on cell phone signal or WiFi, the alarm will not go off due to the signal being blocked by the cell phone pouch.

Short Answer: No. Our SPERO cell phone pouches act as a faraday cage and reject all phone signals from coming in or out of the pouch. We understand this can be inconvenient, but we believe this is a small sacrifice in order to give you the best protection possible against EMF radiation.


Note: The mesh 5G system, especially through Verizon telecom providers in the U.S and in conjunction with iPhones, has increased its bandwidth to emit exponentially higher radiation than in the past. This has caused our older cell phone pouch models to allow some cell phone signals to get through the layers of silver. However, we do promise you are still being emitted to much less radiation than if your phone wasn’t in your spero phone pouch


While there are many great EMF meters out there, we highly recommend a Tri-Field Meter. A Tri- Field Meter has an x,y and z axis reading to find the EMF field, resulting in the best reading possible.

There is no “safe limit” of EMF radiation. The radiation accumulates in the body, so even small doses are bad over time.

Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth. This practice relies on earthing science and grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on your body

The human body is an electrical system and when working with currents of electricity, grounding the energy becomes necessary to allow energy to flow naturally. As we surround ourselves with dirty electricity from wall outlets and power lines and even EMF, we build up electricity and positive ions in our bodies which naturally want to simply flow into the earth. Imagine our physical bodies are metal wires conducting electricity, and the energy wants to be continuous, but upon hitting our rubber soles on our shoes, the energy is forced to circled in our body, (our circuit). The electric energy can get built up and even cause physical harm the electricity builds and has nowhere to go. But upon removing our shoes and establishing a connection to the earth we ground our energy into the earth, releasing the built-up energy and allowing for a free flow of electricity if there happens to be stray electricity flowing into us.

Older utility meters are called analog meters. The newer meters, which are digital, are known as Smart Meters. Different utility companies have different models of Smart Meters but all emit radiation in order to report your power usage. The Smart Meter uses microwaves to send your power data to a cell tower. Radiation level emission can be very high and protective measures such as opting out by calling your power company.

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