Terms & Care for Spero EMF Protective Products

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the Spero family. In order to maintain effective shielding, please recognize that this is a very special EMF product, literal silver armor to shield from EMF radiation.


To ensure the longevity of your silver-lined Spero EMF products, please know that silver cannot be washed like normal fabric.  To be on the safe side, please avoid washing your Spero gear with tap water or well water, it must be washed with distilled or reverse osmosis water and gentle, citrus-free soap.  Chemicals found in tap water and well water such as Fluoride, Chlorine and Sulphur, all corrode and tarnish Silver, making the silver fabric less conductive and therefore less protective.  A little care will go a long way with the Spero silver-lined products. Find our specific washing instructions here.


Please use Spero EMF products as an EMF reduction strategy complimented with other life decisions such as getting your own EMF detection meter, not wearing blue tooth headphones, not holding a cell phone to your head, not sleeping next to a Wi-Fi router and putting your smart phone on power saving mode with a blue light filter. 

By purchasing this EMF product you accept full responsibility for any risks associated with using Spero Protection Clothing products.  


Thank you for your purchase. 


–  Matt Landman  (Founder, CEO)