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Is Wi-Fi Unhealthy?

Scientific Evidence Suggests Negative Health Consequences with Repetitive Exposure

Wi-Fi allows computers, mobile devices, and other technologies to connect to the Internet. These communication opportunities also let items send data to each other when they’re within a specific area.

In January 2021, over 4.6 billion active Internet users were accessing online information. [1] Many of these people used Wi-Fi connections to work, search, or play on their computers and devices.

What Is Wi-Fi?

The typical Wi-Fi network starts with a single antenna connected to the Internet. Wireless communication devices in the home use the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band to access information. Although telecommunications professionals and groups claim there are zero or minimal health impacts to these networks, almost two dozen scientific studies show that these exposures could have adverse health effects on people and animals. [2]

What Does Wi-Fi Exposure Do to the Body?

Repetitive Wi-Fi studies show that several harmful effects occur to the human body. Although exposure levels are variable to the individual to create unique outcomes, the risk factors for oxidative stress, testicular damage, infertility, EEG changes, cellular DNA damage, calcium overload, and endocrine changes are all possibilities. [3]

Critics of the idea that Wi-Fi creates harmful conditions often point out that routers use radio frequency (RF) energy. It’s a form of electromagnetic radiation that brings wireless Internet connections to televisions, computers, and other devices.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones rely on RF signals for playing music, while smartwatches use the same to connect to your phone.

These signals are nonionizing forms of radiation. Although they don’t carry the energy to alter or break your DNA, like ionizing radiation from the sun or some medical testing equipment, they can still have a measurable effect on humans and living organisms.

When you consider the potential effects of RF waves in your surrounding environment, distance is your friend. The signal strength drops dramatically as the distance between the source and your body increases. [4]

That means you’d want to use your speakerphone feature on your smart device. It also suggests that limiting exposure to Wi-Fi networks could reduce the risk factors for experiencing the unwanted signs and symptoms that occur with EMF radiation.

How Much Wi-Fi Is Safe for Children and Adults?

Children have thinner skulls than adults do, which allows the nonionizing radiation to penetrate deeper into the brain. The difference is massive. A child holding a standard cell phone against the ear absorbs up to ten times more RF than adults doing the same thing. [5]

That means kids pick up more of the unwanted energy from the Wi-Fi network, creating more opportunities to experience its unwanted side effects.

Children also use Wi-Fi for screen-based entertainment more often than adults. That means they receive more blue light exposure, which can create additional potential health problems.

Can Wi-Fi Impact Your Sleep?

In a 2020 study that featured 34 healthy participants, the subjects were asked to spend five nights in a sleep laboratory. They were placed next to a router to determine the impact of Wi-Fi on their rest.

An analysis of their sleep microstructures showed less global EEG power in the alpha frequency band during NREM sleep under acute Wi-Fi exposure. [6]

That means some people can sleep in this environment without a problem while others can experience disturbing effects.

Can Blue Light Impact Your Sleep?

The combination of blue light and Wi-Fi can lead to serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine production changes. Whether it is a teen screen addiction or a toddler who loves watching streaming movies, these issues can impact sleep.

Kids who get more screen time have a delayed onset of sleep, which typically results in less overall rest. [7]

Although a blue light filter is helpful, it does not provide the same benefit as reducing or eliminating screen and Wi-Fi exposure.

How Can We Reduce Risk Factors for Wi-Fi Exposure?

The best thing that adults and children can do for their health is to have a wired Internet connection instead of Wi-Fi at home to use.

When comparing smart technology vs. wired technology, a small sacrifice of convenience could dramatically reduce nonionizing radiation exposure rates.

There could also be changes to EMF radiation exposure.

Why was Wi-Fi limited in France schools and preschools? The World Health Organization ruled that RF electromagnetic fields could be Group 2B carcinogenic to humans. French government officials quickly passed laws that ban wireless devices and Wi-Fi in daycare centers and nurseries. [8]

Its use is also severely restricted for children up to 11 years old.

So, is Wi-Fi unhealthy?

Although some research indicates that low-level use might not cause harm, constant exposure could be potentially dangerous. There is overwhelming evidence that supports the need to mitigate the exposure to wireless technology in order to avoid negative health consequences. That’s why re-examining how you’re accessing the Internet this year could be the best action you take.











Balancing Family Health in a Tech-Ed Out New World

The culture we live in has been going through rapid transitions. The most drastic change that every demographic is experiencing is “smart” technology impacting every area of our lives. Most working adults and school kids are required to be on a computer for longer than ever before. There are some very crucial, basic truths and solutions to long-term tech use that all families need to have fair access to, information that the Telecommunications industry does not make widely available or clear. 

Wireless technology emits a light wave that is commonly known as non-ionizing radiation or “EMF” (electromagnetic fields which have varying frequencies that interact with living beings in different ways). This radiation is divided into two categories based on their frequency across the electromagnetic spectrum: non-ionizing and ionizing. EMF’s are RF (Radio Frequency) waves that carry data used in wi-fi, Bluetooth, and cell phone signals. The dividing line between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation occurs in the ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum as lower energy moves into higher energy frequencies. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted from devices such as smart meters, cell phones, tablets, wi-fi routers, and those that use Bluetooth. Non-ionizing radiation occurs on the lower end of the spectrum, where there is insufficient energy to cause ionization. This radiation does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms or molecules of materials such as air, water, or living tissue. 

Radiation was once identified as the kind that heats, known as ionizing radiation. Ionizing, because it strips electrons from ions, makes them volatile and thus causes a thermal reaction. A microwave oven is an example of this. Even though the non-ionizing form of radiation is non-heating, it has proven to be extremely harmful. Cumulative impacts of non-ionizing radiation have been researched and results showing causation of negative health impacts are conclusive. Non-ionizing radiation was first identified as harmful after the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl, Russia. Succeeding the nuclear reactor leak, there were subsequent impacts on surrounding life such as mutations of plants, animals, and humans. The scientific community concluded that non-thermal radiation is not only cumulative but harmful. At that time, the EPA was relieved of its duty to monitor radiation levels from cellular and wireless technology. Instead, the FCC was given full authority to monitor health impacts and set safety standards in the United States for non-ionizing radiation. Have they done a good job at protecting the people? What, if any, safety standards have been implemented about wi-fi use in classrooms, hospitals, and other places? The public at large is not informed about prevailing dangers and risks.

Our bodies accumulate non-ionizing radiation and slowly, but surely, symptoms arise. It confuses our bodies, making us think we are in bright daylight, throwing off our biological clock and the important functions it has. Thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies have shown EMF radiation to be hazardous to human health. EMF radiation can cause depression by disruption of circadian rhythm, cell bifurcation leading to tumors, and endocrine system disruption. The studies are plentiful. Children are more vulnerable to disruptions and behavioral and sleep disorders are the first signs of radiation overwhelm. Eventually, everyone becomes EMF sensitive after long-term exposure and many have developed cancer and other chronic diseases. 

One of the most important things we can do to help our family transition into safe tech use is to use ethernet/wired internet at home and work. We can also keep cell phones on airplane mode when not in use and in protective silver-lined pouches that completely block out all radiation. Turning off phones and all wi-fi at night can greatly help those with sleep issues. It’s our responsibility to teach our children about phone safety and the appropriate time to introduce phones to them, which is ideally when they are mature enough to be able to drive and hold a job. 

Even when wired, screens cause bodily disruptions from the blue light they emit. Blue light is so close to ultraviolet light on the spectrum that, like non-ionizing EMF,  it confuses the body, making it feel like the sun is above and shining bright anytime our eyes look at a screen. This has caused a wide variety of conditions over time, including retina damage, melatonin suppression (causing insomnia), memory issues, and over-stimulation of the neurons of the brain (leading to neurotoxicity). Apps can be used to dim screens to more natural lighting, though can’t block out the blue entirely.

So, with all this in mind, and seemingly no way around using smart tech for most people, how can we stay connected to nature and allow ourselves to grow and live in tune with our natural rhythms? One of the simplest ways is to take more time grounding/earthing and less time on screens.

Grounding/earthing involves walking barefoot on conductive surfaces of the Earth, such as grass, sand, and soil. Wood, asphalt, rubber (like on the soles of shoes) and vinyl are not conductive. Similarly, being barefoot near running water helps us breathe in and be exposed to negative ions, which also help ground and re-calibrate our electromagnetic selves. Grounding helps decrease inflammation dramatically in ways no pill can. The transfer of negatively-charged electrons from Earth’s surface to the body neutralizes the positively-charged, destructive free-radicals that cause inflammation. Inflammation, by the way, is the root of all chronic diseases.  Natural healing modalities like Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, massage, herbs, and cupping) also help balance our body’s cycles and relieves inflammation significantly. Chinese medicine revolves around the electrical nature of the human body and has developed a system to defuse the electricity accumulation that leads to disease.

It’s clear that the newest devices and smarter technologies come at a drastic price: our family’s long-term health. With 5G (the smallest and fastest light/radiation wave technology) being introduced across the globe, the radiation is being turned up more than ever. This next generation of cell phone technology will be on a new bandwidth spectrum of radio waves. This will be the 5th generation, hence why it is referred to as 5G. 5G is the size of the radio waves being used for the transfer of information. Radio Frequency carrier waves, for instance, carry AM radio at nearly 1,000 feet in height and FM radio at about 10 feet in height. This unique and new radio frequency carrier wave is only a millimeter in size, which is much smaller than our current technology, and is the smallest radio wave size ever utilized (5G is less than the width of a penny, which is 1.5 millimeters). These high frequency, tiny wavelengths absorb into the body like microwave radiation, unlike 2G, 3G, and 4G technology, which passes through the body. The 5G network is designed to provide faster downloads, stream movies, wireless virtual reality, in addition to being the platform for the Internet of Things, where all household devices are connected to this system wirelessly for remote control. While there may be limited medical applications, 5G will mainly be used for more immersive entertainment and surveillance with much greater public exposure, especially in Smart Cities

To propagate 5G’s small waves, cell towers are erected with an infrastructure that requires a small cell tower every few hundred feet. The technology has been noted as potentially harmful, specifically, if you are located near a “small cell.” Unfortunately, this can be erected anywhere – on your front yard, street lights, utility poles, traffic lights, or at your children’s schools. Proximity to these new cell towers is a growing concern, and many independent and unbiased studies have raised alarms concerning this technology. The FCC has estimated over 800,000 new “small” cells to be installed throughout the USA. Along with this, many newer smart phones are 5G capable, and within the next year, there will be no escaping it.  5G, however, also depends on people being conscious enough to not use it, because our 5G enabled devices pick up on the signal of the closest devices to them that also have 5G (or whichever small cells are nearby). We must keep this in mind and boycott all 5G technologies so our lives and the creatures around us are not affected by radiation powerful enough to split and mutate DNA. 

The bottom line is, the more that we are disconnected from Earth’s natural frequency, called the Schumann resonance, the more sick people become. This explains several pandemics that occurred throughout the past few centuries as electromagnetic frequencies were shifted and non-ionizing radiation became more prevalent. 

There are many great resources to help your family be informed and connected to natural balance and health. Simple dietary changes make a huge difference for our constantly adapting bodies, such as replacing toxic, overly processed and inflammatory foods (like cane sugar, pasteurized/homogenized dairy, and gluten) with local, farm fresh products. Stable saturated fats and choline from egg yolks and liver may be highly protective from the damages of EMF’s. Cilantro and many types of seaweed also help detox heavy metals. Nutrition from sources the Weston A. Price Foundation recommends strengthen the brain, heart, and cell membranes to provide considerable immunity. We can protect ourselves and kids with silver-lined clothing when doing work that requires wireless radiation exposure, especially for those who live near cell towers.  Spero protection gear is made to enhance our community’s natural health. Together, we can be knights in shining armor for our humanity! 




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Nourishing Traditions Blog

Wireless Concealments

When it comes to identifying the major sources of radiation in our communities, there is more than meets the eye.

The world is being restructured with wireless technology whether we are ready or not.

From smart devices and smart homes, to smart roads and smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and it’s expanding rapidly. New applications are becoming more and more popular across many different industries, and with it comes risks.

Generally, when a wireless communication company wants to expand their network and coverage area they will construct a new tower, or lease a spot on an existing tower. But with the crowded nature of today’s urban environments, this is not always the easiest solution.

The available real estate for cell sites has shifted from standalone towers with at least 300 square feet of unoccupied land around it, to a booming industry where rooftop cell sites are leased and wireless concealment installations are a part of a building’s blueprints.

If coverage is the only concern, rooftops are naturally an ideal location for a cell site as they are at the desirable height, they are typically flat or stable, and they are generally free from interference that would cause attenuation or signal deterioration.

But even with rooftop cell sites being the hot commodity that they are, with them still comes the eyesore to the community.  The tactics used to blend and disguise these antenna systems into our communities has grown and evolved right along side this technology, and many companies now are moving into the world of wireless concealment for their needs.  After all, even if the biological risks are not well understood, people generally dislike looking at large antenna systems littered across their city, and what’s out of sight is often out of mind.

With wireless concealment, companies can discreetly hide or camouflage their antennas in new ways that not only provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but do not sacrifice signal deterioration.

Without an awareness to how this technology can be hidden, many people don’t even know it’s there.

So in what types of locations can we find wireless technology being hidden?

Restaurants, hotels, airports, casinos, hospitals, churches, schools, libraries, theme parks, cruise ships, retail stores, stadiums… really anywhere that has a steady flow of people commuting or seeking entertainment, goods, and services.

Some examples of popular wireless concealments include:

  • Poles; utility poles, traffic light poles, street light poles, stadium light poles, and flagpoles.
  • Fake trees, bushes, rocks or boulders.
  • Business signs, street signs, archways, chimneys, church steeples, scoreboards, and even directly into the walls or ceilings of commercial and residential buildings.

Freeways, bridges, streets and sidewalks are being transformed and lined with this technology from the interstates right down to the communities and neighborhoods we live in. Understanding how to identify and avoid high radiation zones will be an asset in our lives as we navigate the cities of the future. Pairing this knowledge along with an EMF meter may be one of the wisest investments any of us can make.

To learn more, take a look at the following companies portfolios and read up on how concealment technology functions. There is some valuable and detailed information that can be found on many of these websites and this list only scratches the surface.


Grounding Ourselves

Grounding Ourselves

Spending time in nature has tremendous health benefits for the human physiological and psychological systems.

One form of nature therapy, called grounding or earthing, involves a barefoot connection with the surface of Earth.

With modern lifestyles and heavy urbanization however, we have become disconnected from the Earth.

We no longer live surrounded by nature or sleep on the ground, but instead live in dense concrete jungles and sleep in high-rise apartment buildings.

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