spero protection
is the future.

Founded by CEO Activist Matt Landman, Spero Protection Clothing is a one-of-a-kind company, designed to serve humanity. Our mission is to offer a solution to those seeking to mitigate their exposure to EMF radiation.

Raising Awareness, Offering Hope


The high-tech fabric is created by coating pure silver on the surface of nylon fiber. The unique process creates a high-tech, soft, antimicrobial fabric that is conductive and provides the best possible anti-EMF radiation abilities.


Our silver lined products eliminate up to 99.99% of EMF radiation


Spero's high quailty silver fabric is anti bacterial, anti microbial, and odor free


Blocks at least 90% of UVA/UVB Rays


Our silver lined faraday bags protect you from all kinds of tracking & tracing

A risk mitigating solution is needed in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Children especially need this now more than ever and introducing the concept of silver EMF protective clothing to the collective consciousness will raise awareness along with protecting people.

The clothing line will consist of garments lined with metal fabric such as nickel, copper, steel and especially silver. The metal acts as an armor of protection from microwave emf / rf radiation. The clothing line will become a vehicle for funding future product advances and is purely designed as a proactive, peaceful response to escalating concerns regarding radiation in our environment. The emf clothing deflects invisible micro radio waves due to the properties of the metals used in the fabrics. A literal futuristic armor for the 21st century.